Why “Health Revolt”

Our nation’s healthcare system is considered one of the best in the world with many doctors, hospitals, and, if a specialist says you need it, a prescription drug for every ailment. While seemingly advanced and superior, the system is also failing. Chronic sickness sets many people on a downward repetitive cycle of diagnosis and prescription, a scramble to manage side effects and lessen symptoms. The illness, in many cases, continues and may even worsen. The treatment treadmill offers no final relief, no complete solutions.

Why are so many suffekate finalring within this system? Pharmaceutical companies have a monetary interest in keeping people coming back for more. Drugs sales are profitable and eliminating the root cause of sickness is not. And doctors, wel
l-trained as they may be, often diagnose and treat the body as a machine with individual parts, many times silencing the patient and his or her own knowledge and even “gut instincts.” Treatments may ignore other problems or fail to recognize underlying causes.

Rather than people being sick and only getting sicker, I believe it’s time for a revolution, a complete health revolt. And that revolution begins with a very simple premise: our bodies are naturally healthy. Let me explain. Disease and illness comes from outside the body through our environments, diets, lifestyles, and external pathogens. When system function becomes compromised, resulting in negative symptoms and disease, we have the ability to reverse it, to find complete wellness and even live lives where our wellness equals disease prevention.

The first step toward total wellness is education. If we educate ourselves and give our body what it needs to heal, the potential is limitless. In my own search for wellness answers, I have built relationships with some of the top experts in my field. Their guidance and expertise is invaluable, and I have worked to distill and share it here. I strongly urge you to read, study and educate yourself because knowledge is power.

It is an honor and a privilege to help guide individuals towards wellness. Gaining awareness about our health is gaining the ability we need to live a high-quality, happy life.