“My struggle with back pain had gone on for eight years, but last summer I reached a breaking point. We had just begun to build our new house, and I couldn’t even walk from room to room. When I tried, I would have to sit in a window sill and wait until the pain lessened enough to walk a few more feet. I could barely function. I was a mess.

An MRI revealed the extent of the damage in my spine, and it was so much worse than I had expected. I had five bulging discs, lots of degeneration, and severe spinal stenosis. My surgeon said I needed a major fusion of five vertebrae.

How was I supposed to go through a major surgery while needing to help with our house? I could not afford the time, nor did I want to have such an invasive and extreme surgery. But what could I do when I could barely walk a few steps without sitting down? I had been seeing a chiropractor as well as an amazing physical therapist. These treatments and exercises helped temporarily, but I was so weak and my structure so poor that nothing seemed to provide a permanent solution.

When it looked like I was out of options, my daughter-in-law connected me with Kate Murphy. Kate has been a godsend. I began by seeing her three times a week. It only took a few weeks for me to notice significant change. My pain was slowly melting away as I grew stronger!

I can now function without pain. I go on trips again, and I can work and move for a whole day without pain. Now, when I walk through our entire brand-new house without stopping, I thank God and Kate for helping me get to this point without surgery. Foundation Training is a major part of my daily life. I have been given my life back! I am forever grateful for Kate!”




“I am an avid golfer who developed severe low back pain. Initially, I took the “quick fix” surgical route and had a back operation. Months later I found myself where I started with the same severe back pain. When I was told that I needed another surgery, I knew that wasn’t the answer. I managed my pain with meds and injections over the next few months.

I could hardly walk, and sleeping at night was impossible. The pain was terrible and there wasn’t much I was able to do. This is when I found Kate. After our first session, my pain went from a 9 to a 6. I was blown away! I knew we were onto something. After a few more sessions, the relief was incredible! The pain was disappearing.

Kate has taught me how to move in a way that keeps my back from hurting and how to strengthen the muscles along my spine.

Today, I have NO pain in my legs or back. My flexibility has improved significantly. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I look forward to walking and playing golf next season. I would highly recommend that anybody try this method before any medical procedures.


I just returned from a golfing trip in Europe with 8 of my buddies and I felt better than any of them! We played 18-36 holes each day for 10 days straight. We walked the courses every day and I felt NO PAIN. And as a bonus my handicap went down! Thanks a million, Kate! I can never repay you for giving me my life back!”




“You have helped me more in 6 months than 12 years of numerous doctors and rehab. You are a true gift from God.”




“Kate has been an amazing resource in my journey to good health. She has an in-depth knowledge about autoimmune diseases and takes the time to discover the root of the problem instead of just treating symptoms. What’s especially wonderful about Kate is her genuine care. She is compassionate, professional, asks questions, and very encouraging. I was very impressed with her understanding of how in my case, diet and medication may have contributed to my autoimmune and thyroid issues. With a lack of adequate information available about Vitiligo, Kate continually searched and provided a variety of articles to help me better understand possible solutions. Following Kate’s diet and medication modifications has allowed me to feel better than I ever have. I am no longer having stomach issues and I have so much more energy than before. I am so thankful that Kate helped me see that a paleo-type diet along with natural supplementation is the way to heal my body. I highly recommend Kate!”




“I had the pleasure of meeting Kate Murphy during a Foundation Training Certification in Boulder, Colorado. I was quickly impressed with her knowledge of human anatomy and understanding of proper, functional movement. In my opinion, Kate’s level of knowledge in these two areas places her at the pinnacle of physical rehabilitation. Kate’s ability to understand and relay the concepts of Foundation Training will allow her clients the best opportunity to recover and perform at an optimal level no matter their goals. She is driven by the desire to get to the root of the issue whether it be structural, nutritional, acute or chronic. She has been down the path of searching for answers with her own story of debilitating chronic pain. This gives one insight and empathy into a client’s situation and this knowledge is indispensable in care. If I were living in Bozeman, Kate would be my health integrator and as a chiropractor I would not hesitate in referring patients to her for rehabilitation or health coaching. You will be hard pressed to find someone who understands the overall picture of true health and practices in such a professional, caring manner.”