Sweet Potato Stew for a Sun-Kissed Glow

Being the health advocate she is, it didn’t make sense to me that Kate Murphy, founder of Health Revolt, is always perfectly glowing. I wondered if she were secretly sneaking off to a few sessions on a tanning bed, but no way – no health savvy person would do that! The thing is, no matter how much sun we do or don’t get out here in western Montana, Kate’s skin really does glow…the one black and [...]

Zucchini Lasanga: A Healthy, Hearty Triumph

After a gorgeous summer and an extended, lovely fall, winter is upon us. By now folks have harvested their gardens and “put up” their bounty in cans, root cellars, or freezers. The snow is accumulating, we’re getting our winter gear together, our tummies are craving hearty dishes. Winter is here. To celebrate the shift of seasons, my friends MB and Mari teamed up and created this delicious zucchini lasagna. MB used long strips of zucchini as [...]

Healthy Apple CRISP

This tasty dessert is my latest creation. The thought of biting into a crisp, tart apple picked fresh from a tree makes me beyond happy. I grew up eating loads of green apples off the trees in our orchard, and that’s certainly why green apples are among my favorite foods. And you can’t go wrong when you combine apples with cinnamon. As my grandmother would have said “the flavors marry quite well.” With the holidays quickly [...]

Boo! Healthy Carrot Cupcakes

My first son’s birthday is two days before Halloween. Late October in our home is a parade of family, friends, and festivities. I’ve made this carrot cake every year for the past six and it's evolved along with me: getting  healthier each year. The original carrot cake recipe was from a friend who was a pastry chef at Weebies in Bozeman, Montana. Over the years it’s changed into a healthier version of itself without sugar or [...]

Chili My Way – Easy, Tasty, Thick & Hearty

I grew up in Oklahoma, which is probably why I say “yes, please” to anything Tex-Mex. One of the first cookbooks I ever bought was the El Paso Chile Company’s Texas Border Cookbook. I’ve been working on my own versions of two recipes from that book – one for guacamole, the other for chili. Here’s my go-to chili recipe that is super thick, filling and hearty: great for a crowd and leftovers. I serve it [...]

Your morning SHAKE needs a MAKEOVER

I need things to be easy in the morning. Thankfully, a morning shake can be both easy and an ideal meal - a great balance of protein, healthy fat, and carbs. It can set you up for the day so your blood sugar levels stay even, you are energized, able to burn fat, and (many hours later) help you sleep more easily. If you are new to shakes for breakfast, or if your morning shake could use [...]